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icon textures, bases, and more! your home for icon needs.
Thank you for taking the time to read the rules. You must read through all the rules before posting, so we can keep Theiconresource a healthy community. As long as you adhere to them, we the admins of the community won't bother you too much. :P


1. Absolutely no content that would be rated NC-17. That means no explicit nudity, hardcore porn, etc. Any content that is not PG or G rated must have a clear and bold warning before the cut. Do not post anything adult before the cut.

2. No swearing, period. This community is supposed to be for all ages.

3. Do not use chatspeak or any other form of English that is not coherent. That means no "talkng 2 ppl lyke dis" and "l1k3 th1s". However, the occassional "lol" and "rofl" is perfectly fine. (Just for some of you who are wondering - all posts must be in English, sorry)

4. When posting resources, do not just post a preview and link to your livejournal. You must post directly into this community. However, if you are posting screencaps, then you can link to a folder where they are posted, if there are an excessive amount.

5. Be courteous and respectful to everyone here. We do not want any drama at all here. Even if a person has broken the rules, you must be respectful to them. Chances are, they just forgot about a certain rule (tsk tsk :P ). Either way, the moderators will take care of the situation, so do not take the matter into your own hands.

6. Use an LJ-Cut. I cannot stress this rule enough. It is really tedious to scroll through huge posts on the main page. If you do not know how to make an LJ Cut, read this .

7. NO stolen content. Absolutely no posting of content that is not yours. You will be immediately removed and banned from the community if you do this.